Is It OK for Musicians to Ban Cellphones at Their Concerts?

January 23, 2020

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(Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP)

In this week's VICE Funbag, columnist Drew Magary is asked for his opinion on people filming concert footage with their cellphones. While acknowledging that he "used to hate phones at concerts" and still loathes people "who have their phones up for the whole show," Magary concludes, "I don’t think bands should ban phones at concerts in some Jack White-esque attempt to maintain concert purity. That’s a massive, pretentious overcorrection and a feeble attempt to defy a culture that’s gonna change with or without them. But I do think people should still be considerate when they use their phones at a show. If they don’t, you have the right to form a pop-up mosh pit and shoulder-check them into the concourse."