How 'SNL' recreated Kamala Harris' white suit in under 90 minutes

November 11, 2020

AP Photo


"Saturday Night Live" recreated Joe Biden's presidential acceptance speech just a few hours after it happened. What was more amazing is that the folks at "SNL" were able to mimic VP-elect Kamala Harris' white suit within 90 minutes. Wardrobe supervisor Dale Richards said, "I had a member of my team working on each piece: the blouse, the jacket, and the pants." Costume designer Tom Broecker said, "My assistant started capturing screen grabs of everything [Harris] was wearing so we could get all the details right — the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, makeup, blouse, and the suit. By 9 p.m., we had pulled all the ‘research’ photos together and started looking through our stock to see if there was anything that could work. Every store in the city had been closed for hours. There was no way to shop this look anywhere, except in our back rooms.” They were able to find a white suit that had never been used. The staff altered the suit to the right specifications.  Broecker went on to say that recreating the outfit in that amount of time would have been "an impossible task for any other place other than ‘Saturday Night Live.’ We have the best people anywhere in the world.”