Brandi Carlile Says Marilyn Manson Wants to Duet on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

May 6, 2020

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Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP


Shock rock meets Americana meets Hollywood! In a radio interview this week, Brandi Carlile claimed that Marilyn Manson wants to collaborate with her on a cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." “Marilyn Manson wants to record ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ with me. He’s been texting me about it," she says about the classic Wizard of Oz song. She also hinted that Manson became a fan of hers after attending her show in L.A. where she performed Joni Mitchell's classic 1971 album Blue in full. "He came, and he cried so hard," she says. "He had all his makeup down his face, and turns out he’s the biggest Joni Mitchell fan on the face of the planet.” Carlile also said she'd love to cover "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" because original performer Judy Garland "just makes me smile. Just to me, she’s everything gay. Just everything."